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Some reminders before beginning each Filing:

  1. Please remember to review the Submission Guidelines, which are located under the 'Documents Main' tab.
  2. All submitted sDoC's must specify that the product complies with all required technical criteria.
  3. The Filer must add new RPC’s manually before attempting to file for them.
  4. TCBs may to choose to host certificates on the ACTA site.
  5. Each filing must have at least 1 trade name and 1 trade model.
  6. Payment by check must still be submitted for filing through the ACTA Secretariat.
  7. Filers, please remember to print the confirmation page at the end of the Filing: this is your receipt.
  8. Filers, please remember close the browser after filings are complete.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I edit filer account information?

Answer: Online Filing tab => Edit My Account

2. Do I get a receipt?

Answer: Yes; the confirmation screen that appears at the completion of a Filing is your receipt. Please print for your records.

3. Why don’t I get a confirmation notice/email?

Answer: The confirmation screen that appears at the completion of a Filing is your receipt. Please print for your records.

4. Why did it charge my credit card more than once?

Answer: You might have clicked on the "Complete Transaction" button more than once. Just click on this button once, and your confirmation screen should come up. This signifies that the Filing is complete.

5. Why did I get logged out of the system?

Answer: F or security reasons, the website will log you off of the system after 15 minutes of inactivity. If you need to leave your Filing session before completion, please make sure you save your Filing session for later completion.

6. “How do I save/suspend filing sessions for later completion?”

Answer: If, at any point in the Filing process, you wish to save the information and complete the Filing at a later date, you may click on the "Save - Exit" tab at the bottom of the page. To later return and complete the Filing, click on "Continue Filing" under the Filing tab. If you choose to not complete the Filing, you can click on "Delete Pending Filings" on this page as well.

7. How do I view/search filings made by the filer account and filings made by RPC’s authorized to file?

8. Can I have multiple points of contact (POC's)?

Answer: Yes, multiple POC’s can be added for each filer account; each POC is then notified by email when a filing is made.

9. Will I be charged again/extra for any corrections made by the ACTA Secretariat?

Answer: It depends on what type of correction needs to be made. Please see the Pricing Chart, located in Sectiton 3 (pages 9 and 10) of the Submission Guidelines, for more information.

10. Am I able to host certificates on the ACTA site?

Answer: TCB’s and SDoC certificates can be hosted on ACTA.

11. Can I pay by check?

Answer: Yes, payment by check must still be submitted for filing through the ACTA Secretariat.

12. How do I do a New Filing?

Answer: Filing Main=> "New Filing"

13. How do I select the RPC code I wish to file for?

Answer: Filing Main => "Get an RPC" => You may either auto-generate an RPC or pick one of your own. If you wish to pick your own RPC, enter it into the "Check my code" box and hit lookup. If it is not already taken by another filer, you may accept this code as your own RPC.

14. How do I get an RPC?

Answer: Filing Main=> "Get an RPC"

15. How do I file for multiple RPC's?

Answer: Filing Main => "Add RPC's"

From the 'Documents' FAQ page:

16. Is it possible to apply for a RPC and file the required information at the same time, if so, how much is it?

Answer: No. A RPC must be assigned before submitting an Original filing. The cost for a RPC is $825.00 The Original filing will also be $825.00.

17. Is the adobe.pdf format the only acceptable format when submitting? Is it expected to be multiple files organized by headings (Application form, report etc..) or is it expected to be one large file?

Answer: The adobe.pdf format is the preferred format for submissions. Multiple files are requested given that certain files/items are required to be submitted only once. These files will be "stored off" for reference purposes only.

18. After sending in the file, whether using the TCB or SDoC route, and all essential items are included, will ACTA send a feedback to the Responsible Party?
Still true?

Answer: The ACTA Secretariat will issue a confirmation notice via Email to the Authorized Submitter and/or Responsible Party typically within 7-10 days. Contact the ACTA

19. How can a manufacturer apply for RPC? What Kind of information needs to be provided?

Answer: Responsible parties can file for a RPC using the ACTA Online Filing (AOF) system or by mailing their request to the ACTA Secretariat using the TTE Submission Form. In the submission form items #4, 5, 8, & 14 need to be completed. Item 14, Filing Status, should state "Request for RPC".

20. How long does the process take?

Answer: The ACTA database will be updated to include new information typically within 7-10 days.

21. Can a TCB file a SDoC for an applicant who is the responsible party?

Answer: A TCB can submit information about a "certified" product (on behalf of their client), or act as an "authorized submitter" for a Responsible Party's SDoC.



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