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Part 68 Database Tool

This section of the website is designed to provide search tools for individuals and organizations to search the Part 68 database. A short description of each tool has been provided below for ease of access:


The powersearch is an all in one tool that is used to query the Part 68 database. The results are based upon the specific criteria provided by the user. The powersearch allows you to enter one or many criteria depending on your specific needs. The powersearch can be accessed by clicking here.

SDoC for Viewing:

Provides a listing of Responsible Party’s Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity that have requested to be posted on the ACTA website. The listing can be sorted by Product Label, Responsible Party Name and Terminal Approval Date. The SDoC for Viewing page can be accessed by clicking here.

Waivered TTE:

Provides a information for individuals and companies regarding matters dealing with Part 68 Terminal Telephone Equipment Waivered by the FCC. The Waivered TTE page can be accessed by clicking here.



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