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Filing types specified under category "Other" are not currently supported by the ACTA Online Filing (AOF) system. These include: Transfer of Control or Ownership, Blanket Modifications, and Administrative change requests.

Filing types not supported by AOF can be mailed, hand delivered, or Emailed to the ACTA Secretariat. Requested items not electronically submitted should be submitted on Compact Disk (CD) in Adobe (PDF) format.

A fee for recording, updating, and maintaining information/content in the ACTA Database is required. Fees can be submitted by check payable to ATIS/ACTA Secretariat, or by credit card using the Credit Card Payment Form in the ACTA “Guidelines and Procedures” document. The fee for all filing types is $300 (US). An additional $300 (US) may also be required for posting a Responsible Party's Supplier's Declaration of Conformity on the ACTA website. Refer to “AOF Filing Types/Fees” for details.

The following provides a brief description of the filing types not supported by AOF:

Transfer of Control or Ownership:

As specified in §68.322, Responsible Parties for a SDoC may license or otherwise authorize a second party to manufacturer the terminal equipment covered by the SDoC provided the Responsible Party retains sole responsibility for ensuring the equipment remains compliant with the relevant FCC rules and ACTA-adopted technical criteria.

In the case transactions affecting the identification of the Responsible Party of a SDoC, such as a transfer of control or sale to another company, mergers, or transfer of manufacturing rights, the successor entity shall become the responsible party. Note; this statement is also true for Responsible Parties using the TCB process.

For example, in the event a party transfers complete control (i.e., ownership) of its operations to another entity (the "successor"), the original party may transfer its RPC to the successor provided the original party discontinues use and reference of its assigned RPC. Alternatively, a new RPC can be assigned to the successor in accordance with Section 3.1. Use of a new RPC requires a Re-approval notice and, therefore, reformatting of the equipment's identification number to reflect the ACTA Product-Labeling format, if applicable.

In the event a party transfers "partial" control (i.e., responsibility) of its operations or transfers a product or product-line to another entity (the "successor"), a Re-approval notice shall be filed with ACTA for each product transferred. Notification(s) shall include a letter from the original Responsible Party (on company letterhead) informing ACTA of the transfer in addition to all items specified for an original filing. Re-approval filings shall be made by the successor.

Parties unfamiliar with RPC transfers should contact the ACTA Secretariat before filing a RPC transfer request.

Blanket Modifications:

The Blanket Modification allows a single product or product family that has more than one approval number to be changed for one filing. A product family is a number of products, each having two or more approval numbers, where all of the approval numbers appear on each product. Similarly, all listings for a product approved for different manufacturing sites before the FCC's use of the "MUL" designator to signify multiple country codes can also be changed using a Blanket Modification.

For example, Blanket Modifications may be used to change the listings for a PBX or family of PBXs with several approval numbers as long as each product in the family has all the same approval numbers.

A Blanket Modification may not be used if the products being considered have a range of approval numbers that are not common to all products. For example, a corded phone, a cordless phone, and a corded speakerphone each with its own unique approval number cannot be changed using a Blanket Modification.

Because of the possibility for confusion and invalid or incomplete entries in the database, all Blanket Modifications must be submitted on CD ROM to the ACTA Secretariat for processing.


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