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Welcome ACTA Online Filers. While the most obvious component of the website upgrades is a new overall “look and feel” the new sports more than just a face lift of new colors and layout. The new site has been developed with the intent of enhanced functionality and ease of use for all visitors, including those with disabilities.

The upgrades to the AOF include the ability to log in to a filer account from any page on the ACTA website and several features that will make managing filings easier. Filers now are able to begin a filing without having to complete the filing process within the same session through the new ability to save a filing to their account. The saved incomplete filing may be re-accessed and re-saved until its completion, allowing the filer the flexibility of time to file correct and complete information. It is anticipated that this new ability will decrease the number of filing errors and filing of incorrect information to the database.

Upon accessing their filer accounts on the new AOF system, filers will need to review their account registration criteria for accuracy, and re-assign RPC information to their accounts. The ability of a filer to certify authorization to submit filings on behalf of an RPC is another new feature of the AOF system. This feature was developed in order to provide ease of use of the AOF system for those filers who are authorized submitters of equipment for multiple RPCs. It is anticipated that this new ability will decrease the amount of time endured by an authorized submitter before being able to file on behalf of a new client. It will also enable filers to create a single filer account able to file for the filer to file on behalf of multiple RPCs and negate the need for the maintenance of multiple accounts for each filer of each RPC.

To log in using your existing login and password, please enter them above and click on the AOF Filer login link.

To create a new filer account click on the register link located on the top right part of the page or click here.

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