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Accessing AOF:

To access AOF, users must be registered with the ACTA. Responsible Parties, Telecommunications Certification Bodies (“TCB”), and/or their Authorized Submitters (hereafter referred to as “Filers”) that have submitted TTE information to the Administrative Council database administrator in the past already have a AOF Filer Account and must not create a new account unless otherwise instructed. Should you fall into this category, contact the ACTA Secretariat at to receive your AOF Username and Password.

Responsible Parties that have not filed with the ACTA and do not have an assigned Responsible Party Code (“RPC”), or previously assigned FCC Applicant Code, can register with the ACTA by completing the process under “New Filer Registrations". Responsible Parties that have not filed directly with ACTA but have an existing RPC or Applicant Code can also register under New Filer Registrations but must contact the ACTA Secretariat on completing the Filer Registration process before attempting to use AOF.

Once a Filer Account has been created, Filers will be able to “login” to AOF and submit TTE information to ACTA for their respective RPC.

Telecommunications Certification Body (“TCB”) AOF Access: Telecommunications Certification Bodies (“TCBs”) recognized for Part 68 certification will have access to all RPCs on file with ACTA. Accordingly, TCBs MUST always contact the ACTA Secretariat to establish a Filer Account.

Important Notice: As a security precaution the AOF is designed with a 15 time out. After 15 minutes of inactivity you will be logged out of the AOF!


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