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As provided for in the FCC Order [Report and Order in the 2000 Biennial Review of Part 68 of the Commission's Rules and Regulations, CC Docket No. 99-216, FCC 00-400, adopted November 9, 2000 and released December 21, 2000 ("Order" or "R&O")], any American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited Standards Development Organization (SDO), observing ANSI consensus decision-making procedures, may establish technical criteria and submit such criteria to the ACTA for adoption.

Inquires in regards to the technical content of any adopted specification, or interpretation thereof, should be sent to the organization (SDO) that submitted the specification. For information on contacting the appropriate SDO, refer to the technical specification. A website of Frequently Asked Part 68 Questions is maintained by TIA under Committee TR-41.

Technical inquiries may also be directed to a Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB). The TCB program was designed with the objective to facilitate market access and competition in the provision of telecommunications products that require testing and/or approval. TCBs satisfying specific qualification criteria, as specified by the FCC and approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), may certify equipment. Questions regarding the TCB program can be directed to the TCB Council.

Questions regarding a TCB's test methodologies, procedures, or application, should be directed to that TCB. A complete list of TCBs for TTE is maintained by the FCC. The European Community (EC) maintains a list of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) recognized as TCBs under the Mutual Recognition Agreement between the US and E.C.

Administrative questions pertaining to the ACTA, or inquiries about submitting terminal equipment information to ACTA for inclusion in the database, should be sent to the ACTA Secretariat. A website of Frequently Asked Questions is maintained by the ACTA Secretariat.



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