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Question: Can an entity without a US representative file for Part 68 approval using the SDoC filing procedures?

Answer: Pursuant to the recently released Order on Reconsideration in CC Docket No. 99-216, FCC 02-103, Released April 10, 2002, Responsible Parties utilizing the SDoC method are no longer required to be physically located in the U.S.A. However, they must designate an Agent for Service for process that is physically located in the U.S.A.

Question: How can a manufacturer apply for RPC? What Kind of information needs to be provided?

Answer: Responsible parties can file for a RPC using the ACTA Online Filing (AOF) system or by mailing their request to the ACTA Secretariat using the TTE Submission Form. In the submission form items #4, 5, 8, & 14 need to be completed. Item 14, Filing Status, should state "Request for RPC".

Question: After ACTA receives the SDoC application package from the supplier, will ACTA grant approval?

Answer: ACTA does not grant "approval". ACTA will take the package, ensure all requested items are included, and include the product information in the database of approved Terminal Equipment. Under a SDoC, the Responsible Party "approves" the product.

Question: How long does the process take?

Answer: The ACTA database will be updated to include new information typically within 7-10 days.

Question: What will the certification number look like?

Answer: Refer to TIA/EIA TSB-168 Telecommunications-Telephone Terminal Equipment Labeling Requirements, June, 2001.

Question: For filing utilizing TCB, can an organization submit several approved equipment information in one CD every week or every two weeks instead of submitting each approved equipment information in a CD?

Answer: Yes! Note, however, product information will not be added to the database until the CD is received.

Question: What is the procedure for submitting FCC Part 68 application/report to ACTA?

Answer: Refer to Guidelines & Procedures for submitting information to ACTA on the ACTA website at

Question: Can a TCB file a SDoC for an applicant who is the responsible party?

Answer: A TCB can submit information about a "certified" product (on behalf of their client), or act as an "authorized submitter" for a Responsible Party's SDoC.

Question: Is it possible to apply for an RPC and file the required information at the same time, if so, how much is it?

Answer: No. An RPC must be assigned before submitting an Original filing. The cost for an RPC is $825.00 The Original filing will also be $825.00.

Question: Do applicants who have previously registered terminal equipment through the FCC need to file for an RPC or can they use their applicant code?

Answer: Previously registered manufacturers can use their FCC CCB assigned applicant code. Also know as a Grantee Code.

Question: Since the FCC is no longer in charge of the technical criteria, who should companies contact for questions regarding technical criteria?

Answer: The technical criteria adopted by ACTA for product approval is available (for a single copy download) on the ACTA website. Questions regarding the criteria should be sent to the Standards Development Organization (SDO) that submitted the criteria, a TCB, or the TCB Council.

Question: When filing, does the old 730 form previously used by the FCC still apply? Are there any new forms?

Answer: The ACTA has created a form for submitting information separate from the FCC 730 form. The form can be downloaded from the ACTA web site.

Question: Which criterion needs to be followed when filing the ACTA criterion or the old FCC criterion?

Answer: ACTA-adopted criteria needs to be followed going forward. However, as required by the FCC, ACTA's initial criteria is identical to the current FCC Part 68 Rules; with the exception of Stutter Dial Tone and ADSL waivers. Copies of the documents are available on the ACTA website.

Question: Is the adobe.pdf format the only acceptable format when submitting? Is it expected to be multiple files organized by headings (Application form, report etc..) or is it expected to be one large file?

Answer: The adobe.pdf format is the preferred format for submissions. Multiple files are requested given that certain files/items are required to be submitted only once. These files will be "stored off" for reference purposes only.

Question: Under the new provisions for Part 68 registration through SDoC to ACTA, how is continuing compliance addressed?

Answer: Responsible Party's must retain test results, description of test procedures, analyses, evaluations, quality control standards and quality assurance standards necessary to demonstrate that the terminal equipment complies with and will continue to comply with all the applicable technical criteria.

Question: I am Having problems downloading technical criteria from ACTA's website. It tells me that I am already registered.

Answer: The downloading capability of ACTA is provided without any warranty of any kind. In no event will ACTA be liable for any loss of profits, use, or savings; or for any damage or expenses incurred; by any person, whether direct, special, incidental, or consequential, arising out of the provisions, use of or related to the use of or inability to use the service or information. Official copies of the technical criteria can be obtained through the standards organization that submitted the specification.

Question: After sending in the file, whether using the TCB or SDoC route, and all essential items are included, will ACTA send a feedback to the Responsible Party?

Answer: The ACTA Secretariat will issue a confirmation notice via Email to the Authorized Submitter and/or Responsible Party typically within 7-10 days. Contact the ACTA Secretariat if an Email is not received.

Question: Re-sellers of TTE products want to remove certain information from an existing FCC registered/approved product's label; namely the Grantee's Name.

Answer: Products registered/approved under the FCC approval structure should continue to comply with all the requirements pertaining to its approval; including product-labeling requirements. Product-label information can be changed to the ACTA-adopted labeling scheme (which grants parties greater flexibility in the product-label information) by filing a re-approval notice.

Question: What is the nature and continued use of TCB codes.

Answer: The FCC Common Carrier Bureau (CCB) unofficially issued Part 68 Telecommunications Certification Bodies (TCB) a unique code for database maintenance and tracking purposes only. Use of the TCB codes must continue to ensure the ACTA and FCC databases remain alike as the FCC is continually providing updates to the central database during this transitional period. TCB codes are used to link a TCB to its database entries. A list of codes is available on request.

Question: The ACTA Secretariat has requested that filing fees be payable by check. Parties are requesting acceptance of other methods.

Answer: While electronic payment will be available once web-based filings are implemented, in the interim, payment should be by check. An alternative method of payment is bank-to-bank electronic transfers. Parties wishing to pursue this method can contact the ACTA Secretariat for account-routing information. Parties using this service must pay for the service (i.e., ~$12 transfer fee).

Question: Are Responsible Parties acting only as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) required to (directly) maintain a US Service Center?

Answer: While a Responsible Party is not required to directly control or maintain a US Service Center, identification of a Service Center for the Product is required.

Question: Are parties filing with ACTA to revise/update previously registered products required to submit all items currently specified by ACTA; e.g., Indemnification & Liability Statement, and a Supplier's Declaration of Conformity or TCB Certificate?

Answer: Parties modifying and/or expanding the registration 'umbrella' of previously approved products shall declare (via the SDoC method) or have a TCB certify that the products comply with the relevant Part 68 rules and/or ACTA-adopted technical criteria. Parties utilizing the SDoC method must provide the SDoC with the modified and/or additional products, in accordance with the FCC R&O.


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